Popular Kelowna Brewery Changes Name and Promises ‘Same Good Beer’


Popular Kelowna brewery is undergoing identity changes. Tree Brewing is now known as the Kelowna Beer Institute, but loyal customers can rest assured that they will always have the same great beer.

<who>Crédit photo: The Kelowna Beer Institute « src = » https://news.google.com/files/files/images/tree%20b.jpg « style = » margin: 5px; « /></p><p>“Our new name has actually been our legal name since 2016, when Dave and Chris bought the business from Tree Brewing,” the company explained in a Facebook post.</p><p>“We think it’s time to bring this name to the fore because it better reflects who we are and what we do. We are proud to be a Kelowna based brewery that brews on site and has a passion to educate people about the wonderful world of craft beer making.</p><p>Starting today, customers will notice a few cosmetic changes to the brewery as they get their new name.</p><p>“Beer is still the same great beer Dave made and served in an unfiltered tank, the food is still the same delicious beer inspired dishes you love, and our fantastic team of beer geeks and kitchen staff is always here to make sure you have a fantastic time at Kelowna Beer Institute, ”they added.</p></div><p style=

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