Pompeo signs agreement to transfer US troops from Germany to Poland


The deal would also strengthen other aspects of US-Polish cooperation, he added, citing mainly investments and trade relations.

The pact complements an existing NATO status of forces agreement and allows for the strengthening and modernization of existing capabilities and facilities by allowing US forces access to additional Polish military facilities. It also establishes a formula for sharing the logistics and infrastructure costs of an expanded U.S. presence in the country.

President Donald Trump said in a statement that the pact was the culmination of months of negotiations with Poland.

“The agreement will strengthen our military cooperation and increase the United States military presence in Poland to further strengthen NATO’s deterrence, strengthen European security and help ensure democracy, freedom and sovereignty,” Trump said. .

Some 4,500 US troops are currently based in Poland, but around 1,000 more are to be added, under a bilateral decision announced last year. Last month, in line with Trump’s request to reduce the number of troops in Germany, the Pentagon announced that some 12,000 troops would be withdrawn from Germany and around 5,600 would move to other countries in Europe, including Poland.

In addition, several US military commands will be moved out of Germany, including the overseas headquarters of the US Army V Corps, which will move to Poland next year.

Trump has long complained fiercely that Germany is not spending enough on defense and has repeatedly accused Germany of not paying NATO bills, which is an inaccuracy of the problem. NATO countries have pledged to spend 2% of their gross domestic product.

After the signing ceremony, Pompeo joined Duda and other Polish leaders at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to mark the centenary of Poland’s historic victory against the Russian Bolsheviks in 1920 during the Polish-Soviet War.

In the Battle of Warsaw, often referred to as the “Miracle of the Vistula,” Polish troops, led by Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, defeated an advancing Red Army. The battle is credited with stopping the westward march of the Bolsheviks and remains a source of great national pride in Poland.

Saturday’s signing came just a day after the Trump administration suffered an embarrassing diplomatic loss at the United Nations when its proposal to extend an arms embargo on Iran indefinitely was strongly rejected in a Council vote. Security Council that saw only one country with the United States Pompeo. visit this country, the Dominican Republic, on Sunday for the inauguration of its new president.

Pompeo used his trip to Europe to warn young democracies in the region of threats posed by Russia and China and received a warm welcome. In Poland, the reception has been particularly gracious given the friendship between Trump and Polish conservative President Duda, who was sworn in to a second five-year term earlier this month after a hotly contested election.

Many policies of Duda’s Law and Justice party have put Poland at odds with the European Union, which fears that government efforts to reshape the justice system and other actions have eroded the rule of law and democracy in the EU member country.


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