Pompeo: lifting of Iranian arms embargo would be “just crazy”


While Washington has threatened to trigger a reintroduction of all UN sanctions against Iran if the Security Council decides to lift the embargo, France, Germany and the UK have denounced the idea as harmful – arguing that the United States would not have the right to do so after its 2018 Withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), commonly known as the nuclear deal and aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

But Pompeo said on Friday that the US insistence on the arms embargo was a separate issue. “It’s not about the JCPoA, it’s about whether the world will allow Iran to buy and sell weapons systems again – it’s that clear, it’s that simple than that, ”he said.

“We don’t think the timing is right, we don’t think Iran has given any indication that it is in a remote location where the world [should] sell them high-end weapon systems, ”he said, referring to Iran’s recent failure to meet the demands of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), for which the country was officially reprimanded in June.

“Iran must provide full, transparent and immediate cooperation with the IAEA,” Pompeo said, adding that he “would therefore call on nations to urge the UN Security Council to renew the embargo on weapons in Tehran ”.

Despite recent calls from European countries to Washington to refrain from any action that could jeopardize the nuclear deal, Pompeo reacted laconically to a question on the subject during his otherwise serene trip to Vienna.

“We will do everything we can within the framework of our diplomatic tools to make sure that this arms embargo does not expire,” he said.


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