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Yesterday was the hottest August day on record since the deadly heat wave of 2003 which saw as many as 20,000 deaths across Europe. And weekend temperatures are forecast to be very hot in parts of the country.

Despite social distancing measures still in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people will take to beaches across the country.Not only have concerns been raised over social distancing, but Public Health England has warned NHS staff to be prepared to deal with heat-related illnesses.

Now the Express.co.uk asks: “Do you feel safe visiting the beaches of Britain 36C today despite the coronavirus?” “

Earlier this year, Bournemouth Beach had to declare a national emergency after thousands of people gathered on the coast as lockdown measures were gradually relaxed.

And, some swimmers even cut their trips short over the weekend, claiming too many people were violating social distancing measures.

One woman told Sky News: “We got there early enough to have a decent space for ourselves.

“But, as you can see how busy it is, now we have to cut the day short and get out early.

“People just don’t follow the rules, they come right over you. It’s too busy ”.

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“Drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol, dress appropriately for the weather and slow down in hot weather. “

While hundreds of people arrive at beauty spots and beaches, others have abandoned their plans because people ignore the rules of life.

According to reports, the Camber Sands car park in East Sussex was closed at 10 a.m. while some beach goers slept in tents overnight on Bournemouth Beach to avoid the rush.

Police bosses have warned that any event with more than 30 people would not be allowed to take place.

They said: “Any event of more than 30 people, without the agreement of the police and local authorities, will not be allowed to take place.

“Rother District Council and Sussex Police will monitor beach arrivals and will disperse or refuse large groups or gatherings.

“Anyone who has purchased a ticket for an event at Camber should contact the event organizers and request a refund.”

Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez said the area was set for an unusually busy weekend.

She said: “Roads, beauty spots and city centers are likely to be exceptionally busy this weekend and we ask visitors to allow extra time for their trips, to pack extra sunscreen. and be careful with their alcohol consumption.

“I especially want residents and visitors to take special care on the coast.”

The heat wave is expected to continue throughout the weekend but will only be short-lived as thunderstorms are expected.

Dan Harris, Met Office deputy chief meteorologist, said: ‘We have issued a broad thunderstorm warning for Monday and Tuesday for all parts of the UK because although the ingredients are there it is just too much. early to determine the details of exactly where and when thunderstorms will occur.

“As such, we will be watching for developing signals closely and I urge people to keep a close eye on the Met Office warnings and forecasts over the next few days. “


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