Plan for inevitable COVID-19 cases in schools, says Tam – Canada News


Virus inevitable in schools

The Canadian Press – | History: 309214

Families should expect to see cases of COVID-19 in schools when children return to class in the coming weeks, according to Canada’s public health official.

Dr Theresa Tam says it’s important for every school to have a plan and for everyone to know what to do in the event of an outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Speaking at a press conference in Ottawa today, she says it’s normal to feel stressed that many students are returning to class.

But she points out that planning and awareness can help relieve anxiety.

Tam says that while Canada generally has fairly low levels of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean families won’t have many questions about returning to a classroom.

She says parents face tough decisions and it is of paramount importance to carefully weigh the risks and benefits.


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