Pinterest accused of gender bias by ex-executive # 2


SAN FRANCISCO – In April, Françoise Brougher, the CEO of Pinterest and its top executive, abruptly left the company with little explanation.

In a complaint filed Tuesday, Brougher accused the $ 21 billion company, which makes virtual bulletin boards, of firing her after complaining of sexist treatment. In her complaint, which was filed in San Francisco Superior Court, Ms Brougher said she was barred from important meetings, received gender-specific comments, was paid less than her male peers when she joined the ‘company and was eventually fired for. talk about.

“The gender discrimination at level C may be a little more subtle, but it’s very insidious and real,” Ms. Brougher, 54, said in an interview. “When men speak up, they are rewarded. When women speak out, they are fired. “

Pinterest was reviewing the lawsuit, a company spokeswoman said. “Our employees are extremely important to us,” she said, adding that the company is committed to advancing its culture so that “all of our employees feel included and supported.” Pinterest is conducting an independent review of its culture, policies and practices, she added.


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