Piers Morgan’s wife feels ‘sick’ after thieves sneak into bedroom while sleeping


Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden says she ‘feels bad’ knowing thieves raided their French villa while they were sleeping – and even sneaked into their bedroom.The Good Morning Britain presenter and his wife of 10 years had spent the last night of their vacation packing and tidying up as they prepared to head home.

But in the morning, they discovered that their villa in the south of France had been looted while they slept.

Among the stolen items was an art deco ring Piers bought Celia for their fifth wedding anniversary, leaving her devastated.

Celia said she got up at 6:15 a.m. to find their rented house was a mess.

Piers and Celia’s villa was attacked by thieves while sleeping

Writing in the Telegraph, the 44-year-old admitted: “The previous night had been spent preparing our rented house for the ‘departure’ – but the place was a mess.

“My purse was upside down on the sofa, the box I keep my jewelry empty next to. ”

She added: “The returned handbag found in the living room was originally on a chair in our bedroom.

“They must have crept in and stood a few inches from us while we were sleeping.

Celia said thieves sneaked into their room while they were sleeping

French police told the couple the intruder was at their home just 15 minutes before they woke up to find it messy.

Officers also said they often see an increase in break-ins during the summer as criminals travel to the area to “make the season.”

A slew of other celebrities, including Richard Hammond, have been targeted in the region in the past.

Piers and Celia had vacationed with their four children; sons Spencer, 27, Stanley, 23, and Bertie, 19, and daughter Elise, eight.

Piers and his family were on vacation in the south of France

Celia said losing the ring Piers gave her was heavy.

She wrote: “The jewelry part stung. It still stings now, almost a week later.

“The art deco ring my husband bought me for our fifth wedding anniversary; the vintage Pucci cuff I bought at a flea market in LA; those earrings I had bought at Alfies Antique Market on Edgware Road when my first book came through came through: every last piece I had with me was gone, none of it of great value, everything this irreplaceable. ”


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