Piers Morgan avoids fine and penalty points after being pulled over for speeding


Piers Morgan avoided a fine and points on his license after being pulled over for speeding. The Good Morning Britain host, 55, confirmed he was caught off guard but given the opportunity to take a speed awareness course online.

Classes are offered to surprised speeding violations who have not been convicted of any other speeding offense in the past three years and the most minor offenses.

Taken on Twitter today. Piers revealed that he completed his course through the Zoom online video calling app.

He wrote: “I just completed an online speed awareness course… on Zoom. ”

Those who take the course have to pay for it and the money can sometimes equal a fine, but speeders avoid getting penalty points on their license.

Piers Morgan told fans he got caught at speed and needed to take an online awareness course

Fans flocked to his page to poke fun at the star on his admission, with a joke: “It’s a Piers speed limit, not a speed target. ”

Another wrote: “It was fast. ”

Even Piers GMB co-star Alex Beresford couldn’t resist a joke, tweeting: “Did you run through? “

He drives a £ 150,000 Aston Martin which is his pride and joy

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Piers drives a £ 150,000 Aston Martin and loves the car so much that he drives to work every day when he’s on GMB.

During the lockdown, the host said he was unable to have his beloved car cleaned, car washes were closed and coronavirus rules prevented him from doing it on the street himself.

Piers rushed to the nearest car wash as soon as they reopened and proudly displayed a photo of his clean engine.


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