Piers Morgan and Celia Walden burgled in France while sleeping


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Journalist Celia Walden has revealed that she and her husband Piers Morgan were robbed while sleeping in their rented French villa on the French Riviera.

The incident happened early Thursday morning, shortly before the couple left to return to the UK.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Walden said she went downstairs and found her purse upside down on the sofa and her empty jewelry box next to it.

She said she had a “feeling of violation that made her stomach ache.”

The author and columnist described the thieves as “depraved and despicable” and “inhuman”.

Walden said the stolen jewelry was not particularly valuable, but that it was “irreplaceable” – the thieves took an art deco ring her husband had given her as a birthday present, as well as vintage items that she had bought herself.

“I knew the second I walked into the living room that something was wrong,” Walden wrote.

“The previous night had been spent preparing our rented house for departure – but the place was a mess. ”

She said she “felt sick” when she realized that her “overturned purse found in the living room was originally on a chair in our bedroom.”

“They must have crept in and stood a few inches from us while we were sleeping.

Walden said police told her they believed the culprits only left the villa minutes before she came downstairs, after hearing her press the snooze button on her alarm.

When asked why their laptops and phones had not been taken away, police said thieves in the area were generally more interested in cash because the technology is now “too easily traceable”.

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Walden and Morgan have been married since 2010

Walden added that police had told his thieves to ‘season’ on the south coast of France and were more concerned about the drones that many burglary victims had seen flying over their homes days before the break-ins. , including one her husband had seen a week before. they were targeted.

It is not yet known whether any arrests have been made.

Morgan and Walden, who married in 2010, returned to the UK before new quarantine measures were imposed on people arriving from France over the weekend.

While the UK Foreign Office warns of thieves and pickpockets, especially in Paris, there is no reference to holiday home break-ins.

The south of France grabbed the headlines a few years ago when celebrities vacationing there claimed to have been “gassed”.

They included former Formula 1 driver Jenson Button, former Arsenal footballer Patrick Viera and Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine from television.

The technique, which Walden referred to in his journal article, reportedly involves criminals injecting anesthetic gas into homes so that they can steal more easily.

But the Royal College of Anesthetists in the UK said such a technique would be “almost impossible”.

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