Pickup Design’s Mercedes-Benz X-Class Is As Sumptuous As It Gets


The Mercedes-Benz X-Class you see might just be the most intriguing example we’ve ever seen. It comes from Pickup Design, the truck-focused division of Carlex Design, and has received a host of exterior and interior modifications.

The first thing you notice is the two-tone paint scheme. The body of the X-Class was painted glossy white, except for the upper body which sports a shade of brown. A host of other brown accents can be seen on the exterior, including a stripe along the doors that designates the vehicle as the “Yachting Edition”.

At the rear, Pickup Design has dressed the bed in high-end wood. Although the wood is more susceptible to damage than the regular truck bed liner, we doubt the car owner will ever load anything in the back.

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Inside, this X-Class is unlike any other. To start with, the tuner applied wood accents to the dashboard and steering wheel. Then, things like the seat pads, gearshift knob, handbrake, center console and parts of the door panels were upholstered in brown leather. Other surfaces, like the upper door trims, the upper dashboard and the steering wheel handles are coated in Alcantara brown.

To complete the interior changes, custom seats with center sections in black Alcantara and wooden floor mats in the front and second row.

These modifications might not be the most practical for a skilled person who could use the X-Class for work, but they are certainly a way to get attention on the jobsite.

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