Photo Epic: Silver Star Air DH – Crankworx Summer Series


It’s been a hell of a week for Vaea Verbeeck. 2nd in Enduro, and a sweep of Dual Slalom, DH and Air DH, the question is: can anyone dethrone defender Queen of Crankworx? His accident on Tuesday is said to have stopped most of the fatalities.On the men’s side, it’s not quite the same at the top of the podium, but it’s close. Finishing 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, Finn Iles leads the men’s standings, leaving Silver Star, with Bas Van Steenbergen just second.

So with the results already revealed from today’s Air DH event, let’s move on to some photos.

Necks falling in Pipedream

Can you break the triple? “Hold my beer”

Who did better?

ALN gets in shape as the week progresses

Bars, blocks or hits? Which do you prefer? (Blocks is the only correct answer).

Leonie Picton is making her way on the course.

Cool as a cucumber, Vaea Verbeeck is on his way to his third consecutive victory.

Canyon Collective representative on Pipeline

The boys will be boys.

The ladies, however, still hold their place. Casey 2nd and Miranda 3rd.

Kasper Woolley, on two messed up pegs, destroys Silver Star. Kasper would finish third.

Finn climbs onto another podium, this time second behind Bas.

1st place for Bas.

Vaea has been unstoppable this week. Too bad I missed so many shots of her. (Sorry V. I promise to do better!).

Male podium. Bas Van Steenbergen (1), Finnish Islands (2), Kasper Woolley (3)

Women’s podium: Vaea Verbeeck (1), Casey Brown (2), Miranda Miller (3)

It’s a movie for Silver Star. Stay tuned next week for more CLIF Crankworx Summer Series action!


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