Photo Epic: Battle Of France – French Downhill Championships 2020


With the rainbow stripes of a world championship male and female duo serving as a precise reminder who is at the top of the game right now, there is no doubt that the French DH race is absolutely on fire. As the emerging names continue to climb into the top 20 on the World Cup circuit, it will surely be remembered as a golden age for those who are affiliated with red, white and blue vertical stripes.Bruni-Pierron-Vergier’s “Wolfpack” pushed DH to new levels of speed and sportsmanship; three podium places appear to be reserved as standard in the elite men’s series. Who exactly was the favorite for this race was anything but clear and with Myriam Nicole running at full power for an extended period and a challenger for the WC 2019 title, Marine Cabirou returning from a shoulder injury, the women’s event was also far from a sure conclusion.

Always deep, still brutally rough and rocky – the French DH tracks are about as fierce as they come. Les Menuires were no less formidable. Long straights with a few big gaps started the process before things started to heat up just as the dust started to deepen. Many bus stops with hopping options quickly turned into jagged rock gardens that had runners dreaming of for the gentler ruts of the course behind them. A few gaps in the road then spat the riders through several super wide grass turns before a bridge and finished jumping to the line. Staying dry all weekend, the track rolled at full speed, as fast and loose as the best tracks in the World Cup. Long live France. Long live DH.


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