Phil Collins ‘In the Air Tonight’ Returns to the Charts After the YouTubers Twins React with Rapture to the Song


Twenty-two-year-old twins Tim and Fred Williams and YouTubers recently filmed themselves listening to Collins’ 1981 single for the first time. Their endearing reaction – jaws released, grinning in disbelief as the drum solo drops – seems to have rekindled the popularity of the song.

Tuesday, “In the Air Tonight” ranks second on iTunes, just behind Cardi B-Megan Thee Stallion’s collaboration, “WAP”.

“In the Air Tonight” never fell in the dark – that famous battery failure wouldn’t go smoothly – but it didn’t really find a Generation Z audience. Unlike “Break My Stride,” he hadn’t reached TikTok’s fame.

Enter the Williams brothers.

The siblings in Gary, Indiana film themselves first listening to classic artists and share the clips on YouTube. They reacted to Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill and Dolly Parton (who were delighted with their positive response to “Jolene”).

But their reaction to Collins’ slow-burning single helped them out. At the start of the video, the Williams brothers shook their heads to the beat, casually enjoying Collins’ melancholy musical style.

Then the drums came in. And then the twins went crazy.

The clip now has over 4 million views.

Collins hasn’t commented on the resurgence of her early ’80s success. But director Ava DuVernay succinctly summed up her success by sharing the twins video: “And Phil jumped to the top of iTunes because new people are finding out. and that old people remember how dope this song is, ”she wrote on Twitter. .

Their cheerful reaction to a decades-old song was a much-needed antidote to a dreary summer. And maybe while they entertain millions of people, they’ll do for Whitney, Lauryn, and Dolly what they did for Collins.

CNN’s Leah Asmelash and Kat Jennings contributed to this report.


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