PG&E warns of power outages in three Bay Area counties tonight


Based on current power consumption forecasts, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) will likely order PG&E to perform rotating power cuts early to late Sunday night in parts of San Francisco counties, San Mateo and Contra Costa, affecting around 210,000 customers.

None of the outages are expected to last overnight.

The outages will last about one to two hours. PG & E’s emergency operations center is activated as of Sunday evening, in close collaboration with ISO to support these temporary outages.

Rotary interrupts are necessary when the independent system operator is unable to meet emergency power reserve requirements. During these ‘stage 3’ emergencies, ISO will typically order state utilities, including PG&E, to reduce the electrical load by immediately disabling the service, to avoid larger outages on the grid. .

Utilities will not be able to notify customers in advance.

These rotary interrupts differ from the PG&E “public safety power cuts” called under specific high fire risk conditions, and are not related to any issues with PG&E equipment or its ability to provide power locally. .

PG&E customers are “strongly encouraged” to conserve electricity at least Wednesday evening through measures such as raising thermostats to at least 78 degrees, using a ceiling fan to improve the performance of air conditioners , cover windows, avoid using the oven, open the refrigerator as few times as possible, and use washing machines and dishwashers early in the morning or after 10 p.m.


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