Patrick Brown responds to Rebel News video alleging he violated Brampton’s COVID-19 regulations


Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said he did not break COVID-19 bylaws when visiting friends in a Brampton arena, dismissing a Rebel News video report posted on Twitter on Saturday (August 8).

The 18-minute video, shot by rebel journalist David Menzies, shows Brown in costume on the rink side at the Earnscliffe Recreation Center last week. Menzies walks up to Brown and asks him why he’s at the rink and if he was there to play hockey.

“I just visited our facility,” Brown replied in the video, which can be viewed in full on Rebel’s YouTube page.

Brown told the Brampton Guardian that he wasn’t there to play hockey that day, but was just visiting friends who were.

“I was just saying hello to my friends,” he says. “I have not played. I have come to the end of their skate. I arrived around 5:50 pm and the rental was from 5 pm to 6 pm »

A screenshot from a Rebel News video posted to Twitter on August 8 shows Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown beside the rink at Earnscliffe Recreation Center last week.

The mayor said the facility has been open for private rental since Brampton entered the second stage of the province’s COVID-19 reopening framework at the end of June.

“Our arenas have been open for rental since June 24 when we entered stage 2. It took us five days to prepare before June 29, the city was operational. Since then, I play hockey once a week. In stage 2 it was limited to training and exercises. Under step 3, it allows full games. Leagues must have less than 50 participants, ”Brown told The Guardian.

“I am invited to play hockey by different groups and I try to go out when I can… Everyone pays for their ice cream at the city rate. It’s not my ice cream but I still split my share of $ 35. So I didn’t secretly play pickup. If (Rebel) came the day before, they could have seen me in action. They just came on the wrong day, ”he added.


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