Passengers on three flights through Vancouver warned of exposure to COVID-19 – BC News


The BC Center for Disease control is warning passengers aboard three other flights through Vancouver of possible exposure to COVID-19.

Two flights from Ottawa and Los Angeles, as well as one outbound flight to Calgary have been added to the list of possible public exhibits.

July 23: Air Canada 575, Los Angeles to Vancouver (rows 15-21)

July 27: Air Canada 204, from Vancouver to Calgary (lines 18 to 24)

July 29: Air Canada 343, from Ottawa to Vancouver (lines 4, 12-17)

Each flight had at least one passenger on board who was infected with the virus.

Anyone on these flights seated in the rows specified should self-isolate for a 14-day incubation period and watch for symptoms.

Some flights on the BCCDC’s public display list do not specify which rows of seats have been displayed, a condition that triggers a warning to all passengers.

The theft is in addition to thefts recently reported by the BC Center for Disease Control and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

July 5: WestJet 186, Vancouver to Edmonton

July 5: Korean Air 071, Incheon (South Korea) to Vancouver

July 6: American Airlines 1270, Dallas to Vancouver

July 6: Air Canada 8421, Kelowna to Vancouver

July 6: Air Canada 126, Vancouver to Calgary (rows 17-23)

July 7: United Airlines 375, from San Francisco to Vancouver

July 8: Air Canada 0064, from Seoul to Vancouver

July 8: Aeromexico 696, Mexico City to Vancouver (rows 22-16)

July 8: Air Canada 311, from Montreal to Vancouver

July 10: Delta 3569, from Vancouver to Seattle

July 11: American Airlines 1415, Dallas to Vancouver

July 12: Air Canada 214, from Vancouver to Calgary

July 13: Westjet 3312, Kelowna to Edmonton (rows 11 to 17)

July 13: Air Canada 111, from Toronto to Vancouver

July 13: Air Canada 8073, from Vancouver to Victoria

July 13: Air Canada AC112, Vancouver for Toronto

July 13: Air Canada 311, from Montreal to Vancouver

July 14: Air Canada 561, from San Francisco to Vancouver

July 15: Aeromexico 696, Mexico City to Vancouver (rows 23-29)

July 17: Aeromexico 696, from Mexico City to Vancouver

July 17: Air Canada 855, from London to Vancouver (lines 26 to 32)

July 20: Air Canada 305, Montreal-Vancouver (34-37)

July 22: Aeromexico 696 Mexico in Vancouver (rows 19-25)

July 24: Air Canada 311, Montreal-Vancouver (lines 1-4, 12-14)

July 26: Air Canada 007, Vancouver to Hong Kong (22-28)


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