Passenger threw train at unscheduled stop in France after refusing to wear mask


A passenger on a train in France was forced to get off after refusing to wear a face mask.

The anonymous man was traveling on the TGV Paris-Nice service on August 16 when he was asked to cover his face, which is currently mandatory on French public transport.

He repeatedly refused, until a decision was made to make an unscheduled stop so the man could be deported.

The train does not normally stop before reaching Marseille, but rail security has chosen to deport the traveler to Le Creusot, in the Saône-et-Loire region in eastern France, approximately 470 km away. of the next scheduled stop.

The man was also fined € 135 for breaking the rules.

“It’s a shame that we ended up there, but the safety and security of everyone is our top priority,” commented Alain Krakovitch, Managing Director of SNCF Voyage, about the incident on Twitter.

“Our SNCF security officers are sworn in and authorized to impose a fine for not wearing a mask. They are also able to get disobedient people off the train to “disturb the public order”. ”

Rail safety officers can make the decision to sideline a passenger “if the individual refuses to comply, which was the case with this individual,” TGV told AP, citing article L 2241- 6 of the transport code.

A woman who claimed to have traveled on the service tweeted: “My TGV made an exceptional stopover in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE to kick out a guy who refused to wear a mask.

“We are not supposed to stop before Marseille, the guy finds himself in the depths of Burgundy.

She added, “Well done sir, you have proven to two controllers and your seatmate that you are a real rebel at heart. Welcome home, enjoy the Burgundy countryside.

The “rebels” always seem to be in the minority. SNCF told the French newspaper The Parisian that “travelers generally respect the wearing of masks” and that “more than 95% of travelers follow instructions and most of the remaining 5% agree to wear one [after being asked]. »


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