Pablo Escobar’s “son”, who has embarked on a long book tour, now faces questions about the truth of the story


He told this newspaper that he didn’t like the portrayal of Escobar on Netflix’s hit series Narcos – but then said he probably shouldn’t say that, or Hollywood producers would be put off.“Tell me, how many copies of The Da Vinci Code have been sold to date? He said, explaining why he was finishing his book with a hanger on his father’s last message: a note with a code and a whispered “money… remember”.

“People love a scavenger hunt! And this one is real. It’s about $ 110 million. If I can find it, maybe in a documentary TV series, great, but it might take money behind… ”

Still, Mr. Witcomb’s childhood friends – who the editors say Ad Lib should be known as Roberto Sendoya Escobar – took issue with his account.

They told the i that Mr Witcomb was less the long lost son of the world’s biggest drug dealer, and more Walter Mitty.

A friend, Malcolm Horsely, showed the newspaper a WhatsApp conversation he had with Mr Witcomb in 2018, when he started talking about Pablo Escobar.

Mr. Horsley was surprised and asked: ‘Son of Pablo? Poetic license?

Mr Witcomb replied: “I can’t always control the press… but the article shows me in a positive light. ”

Another friend, John Orrock, 57, challenged Mr Witcomb by saying he was born in 1965.

The Companies House records filed by Mr. Witcomb show his year of birth in 1962, which would mean that Escobar was 11 or 12 when he fathered Mr. Witcomb.

Mr Orrock insisted the three-year gap was impossible.

“My father worked with his father [in Bogota] and we’ve socialized with them for years, ”Mr. Orrock said.

“The fact that the life he describes is so far removed from the life we’ve lived tells me that’s not true – and the fact that we just know he’s older than he says.

He added that he believed the story in the book was “fiction”.


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