Outrage after woman was kicked out of gym because outfit “showed too much skin”


A Sydney woman was horrified after being told to leave her gym because her outfit was seen as too revealing.

Gabi Goddard was training on Friday when she said she was approached by the gym owner and asked him to ‘come home and change’.

When the 27-year-old asked for the reason for the request, she was told that a class of teens was being taught at the same facility and their teacher was concerned that the children were “seeing so much skin” .

Ms Goddard, an actress and powerlifter, then shared a photo of herself in the black cycling shorts and sports bra she wore on Instagram, explaining that it was a hot day and the gym sport had no air conditioning.

(Gabi Goddard)

She also posted a screenshot of her letter of complaint to the school, about which the teacher had challenged her exercise equipment.

“I am horrified that your school has an influence on the clothing choices (and freedom of exercise) of an independent adult woman,” she wrote.

“In addition, your school perpetuates values ​​(with real consequences) that are clearly harmful.

“Namely, we live in a world where 14-year-old boys take precedence over women. Where women are punished for the propensity of boys and men to objectify women.

Ms. Goddard explained that her outfit was “by no means free” and violated “any dress code”.

“I have worn such outfits in many gyms and have never had a single complaint,” she continued.

“It is disheartening that this particular complaint comes from someone responsible for shaping our next generation into well-rounded adults, adults who respect women and shy away from rape culture.

She added, “If this teacher’s goal was to teach her students to be ashamed of showing off their bodies (even in the pursuit of healthy mind and body activities), then she’s done a job. formidable, publicly shaming me in front of them. “

Instagram users, including the parents of the school children, were quick to share their support for the 27-year-old.

One of them commented: “I am the mother of an 11 year old boy and I expect no one to change outfits to benefit him.

“She is taught and will continue to learn that what a woman wears does not belong to her.”

(Gabi Goddard)

Ms Goddard then shared a response sent by the school principal, in which he denied any involvement of his teachers.

In response to the screenshot, the manager wrote: “I am sorry that this matter has caused you distress, but I understand that my investigations were not initiated by our staff, and our staff were not. didn’t ask you to leave the gym either.

“The problem is between you and the management of the gymnasium.

“I received a report from the teachers who were there yesterday. I also spoke to the manager of the gymnasium who spoke to you yesterday to get her point of view.

Ms Goddard then commented to her Instagram followers, “Don’t you love the way women are always believed and taken seriously? “


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