Other countries copy Russian disinformation tactics, expert says: “It’s easy for anyone to do it”


Russia is not the only country try to spread disinformation to influence Americans ahead of the 2020 presidential election, author Nina Jankowicz told CBSN. Jankowicz, who wrote the book “How to Lose the Information War,” said the United States needs a “concerted government response” to disinformation, which she defined as “false information or deceptive used with malicious intent ”.There were “not enough” consequences for Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, Jankowicz said. In part, this allowed Russia, as well as other countries, to continue to engage in disinformation campaigns, she said.

“China has certainly engaged in similar tactics, although they are a little less, I would say, practiced at exploiting our societal cracks,” she said. “Iran has done it again to support Iranian policy. We also saw Venezuela and North Korea. I mean, it’s easy for anyone, unfortunately. “


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