Only 47% of Britons stick to social distancing with family and friends, according to survey


According to a survey, less than half of adults who spend time with family and friends fully respect social distance when they meet.Almost three-quarters of adults polled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said they socialized with others in the past seven days, with 50% having welcomed family or friends into their home.

Of the 1,150 people who said they socialized, 47% said they always maintained their social distancing, with that proportion reaching 70% of those aged 70 and over.

Three in 10 (31%) said they often follow the metrics, 13% said they sometimes do, while 8% said they rarely or never follow social distancing.

More than a quarter (26%) said they had met between five and ten people, while 6% said the group had more than 10 people.

This is because people from different households in Greater Manchester, parts of eastern Lancashire and West Yorkshire have been banned from meeting in their homes or gardens.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said “bringing households together and failing to follow social distancing rules” was one of the reasons for the stricter rules, announced Thursday evening.

The ONS analyzed responses from 1,564 people in Britain between July 22 and July 26 about their activities over the past week as part of its Opinion and Lifestyle survey.

It also revealed that 63% of respondents strongly support targeted lockdown measures to stop the rise of the coronavirus in local areas, while a quarter said they tend to support it.

And 57% of respondents support the mandatory wearing of face masks in stores and supermarkets.

Scots and those over 70 were most likely to strongly support the measure.

More than eight in ten adults who left their homes in the seven days before the survey said they had worn a face mask, up from 71% the week before.

Of those who had gone shopping this week, more than three-quarters (76%) said they had worn a face mask.

At the time of the investigation, it was mandatory to wear a face mask when shopping in Scotland, while this was introduced in England on July 24 in the middle of the investigation period.

More than 9 in 10 adults in Scotland (97%) had worn a face mask when shopping in the past seven days, compared to 74% in England and 58% in Wales, where it is not mandatory.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Affairs said: “Throughout this pandemic, we have seen high levels of compliance with public health measures and we continue to provide advice and guidance on steps everyone should take to stay safe.

“It is absolutely imperative that people continue to follow social distancing advice to protect themselves, their families and their communities, and stop the spread of the virus. “


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