One new death, three new cases of COVID-19, 30 more recoveries recorded in Saskatchewan


Out of the total number of cases, 60 are considered to be active, including 24 in community settings. There were a total of 1,520 recoveries.Three people are hospitalized and one is hospitalized in Saskatoon. Two people are in intensive care in Saskatoon.

Of the 1,604 cases in Saskatchewan, 233 are travelers, 818 are community contacts, 484 have no known exposure and 69 are still under public health investigation.

Across the province, 66 are healthcare workers, although not all are infected from work.

There are 264 cases involving people aged 19 and under. There are 516 cases in the 20-39 age group, 492 in the 40-59 age group, 276 in the 60-79 age group and 56 in the age group 80 years and over.

Of the total cases, 51% are women and 49% are men.

In Saskatchewan, il ya:

  • 413 cases from the south zone (213 south west, 189 south center, 11 south east)
  • 352 cases from the far north (346 far north west, 0 far north center, 6 far north east)
  • 259 cases from the north zone (125 north-west, 68 central north, 66 north-east)
  • 254 Saskatoon area cases
  • 194 cases from the central zone (161 center-west, 33 center-east)
  • 132 cases from the Regina area

To date, the province has performed 135,518 COVID-19 tests of which 1,186 were performed yesterday. The tests are available to anyone who requests them, whether or not they have symptoms.

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