Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was wrong about Manchester United in the transfer market – Tyrone Marshall


Football had been suspended for less than four weeks when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke of Manchester United’s ability to work their magic in the summer transfer market.Appearing on Sky Sports on April 8, Solskjaer was in a confident mood as the discussion turned to transfers and how the months after the lockdown might look like a club like United.

This was when the plans for Project Restart were still a pipe dream, when no one really knew how long the stadiums would be closed and the clubs would be out of action.

All we knew was that at some point the games would start again and there would be a transfer window. After all, money trading is what keeps a lot of clubs in business, before they even consider a seismic loss of revenue.

So looking at the scene from a United perspective, Solskjaer could see the opportunity for his club to speed up their own rebuilding plans.

“Football is going to get back to normal at some point,” he said. “And it’s very important that we are ready when that happens. We want to be the best at everything, and of course now we have the chance to spend more time. [to] discuss players, discuss plans.

“We assessed what we need, of course, with the coaching staff. We’ve reviewed games, rated games, discussed video calls like this. Then the market, who knows how the market will react to this. ? Who knows which clubs should sell players?

“There might just be one situation where you can exploit, and I know that at Man United we’re one of the bigger and better off. I’m sure we are capable, when we get back to normality, that we can do the business we want. ”

As the 10 week transfer window reaches its midpoint, the setback is something we are all lucky to have when it comes to Solskjaer’s comments.

So far, the summer has been a time of frustration for the United manager, who has yet to see a new arrival at the club, as two of his rivals, in particular, have been aggressive in their quest new players.

United have been unable to exploit any situation so far and the approach has been one of caution rather than one of a club wanting to do the business the manager wants to see done.

It’s Solskjaer speaking like someone who is used to seeing Manchester United dominate the market, as they did when he was a player at Old Trafford. But the circumstances have changed.

United is now managed in a sustainable manner. The money they make through these trade deals all over the world and the money taken on match day at Old Trafford is used to fund the game team. So when the day’s income is gone and the income As traders remain vulnerable amid the UK recession, they approach the market with caution. Several major deals and transfers of £ 100million are not a reality this summer, as far as United is concerned.

This does not mean that this model is wrong. The Premier League champions are moving in the same direction, the difference being that Liverpool have been recruiting for several years and United, until Solskjaer’s arrival, were generally wrong.

The clubs which benefit from this summer are those which have benefactors in Manchester City and especially in Chelsea. This window marked the return of Roman Abramivoch’s checkbook to Chelsea and their spending frenzy is a testament to how quickly they want to close the gap at the top of the table.

Chelsea’s moves for Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Thiago Silva and Ben Chilwell, with Kai Havertz, and possibly more, to follow, are particularly problematic for United, shifting the balance of power towards Stamford Bridge from two sides that were very evenly matched last season. .

With five weeks out of the window, there is still time for United to do some encouraging business, but it seems Solskjaer was speaking out of ambition rather than anticipation when he spoke of the power United could hold this summer in April. .


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