Oldham, Blackburn and Pendle “should see stricter Covid measures imposed”


Oldham, Blackburn along with Darwen and Pendle are expected to face tougher coronavirus measures, ITV News has understood.

Health editor Emily Morgan said on Friday “the government will announce tougher measures” in all three areas, but it is “highly unlikely that there will be full lockdowns.”

He follows warnings from the head of Oldham Council that the town faces a “Very real threat” of large-scale foreclosure as coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket.

The latest data released by the government shows that by 100,000 people, Oldham has 70.5 cases of the coronavirus, the highest in the country.

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Blackburn with Darwen has the second highest level with 60.8 cases per 100,000.

Earlier this week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned Oldham posed the “biggest challenge” among the Greater Manchester areas.

Restrictions were increased in the region last month following a spike in coronavirus cases.

Oldham residents have been warned to follow his guidelines to avoid being placed under full Leicester lockdown.

They are unlikely to face a full lockdown as Leicester has known but visit restrictions, increased testing and a limit on public transport use may be among the measures introduced.

ITV News Health editor-in-chief Emily Morgan on the latest peak in some English towns

There are also warnings that Birmingham could be heading towards a local lockdown if coronavirus infection rates do not improve in the city.

The latest figures show that in the past seven days cases have increased from 225 to 362 and that per 100,000 people there are around 30 cases.

Emily Morgan said the city would likely be placed on the government watch list on Friday and that testing would be stepped up in the region to understand where the virus is and whether it is being transmitted within the community or in households. .

However, she said it was “highly unlikely” that the city would see tougher measures just yet.

Earlier Thursday, the city’s director of public health, Dr Justin Varney, said that while he did not expect severe restrictions to be placed on the city at this time, he urged “all the world to pay attention and start stepping up those actions that protect us and that’s it. we avoid entering a very restrictive environment that we try to avoid ”.

He also has bans “non-essential” visits to city care homes.


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