Officials said to stay working from home amid fears of a second spike


UTah State University plans to test nearly 300 students for Covid-19 after sewage samples from four dormitories showed high levels of coronavirus.The 287 students who will be tested on Monday live in dormitories on the Logan campus. So far, no positive test for Covid-19 has been reported in these residences.

Students in these dorms must self-quarantine until test results are available, which can take up to four days. They are also asked to complete a form to ensure they are receiving academic support, food deliveries, and other resources.

Classes are scheduled to start today for approximately 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The state of Utah is one of the few schools to use wastewater sampling to help protect against a Covid-19 outbreak, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Officials from the University of Arizona said Thursday that the school had used sewage testing to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak on campus.

A test of just over 300 people in a dormitory with high levels of coronavirus in sewage revealed two cases, university president Robert Robbins said. Neither student exhibited any symptoms. They were isolated.


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