OCI cardholders from US, UK, Germany and France can travel to India


India is creating travel bubbles between certain countries. A travel bubble pact involves the opening and sharing of airspace between two countries willing to admit travelers across borders. All the usual standard operating procedures (SOPs) are of course in place.To add to this, the Union Home Office announced on August 7 that OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) cardholders from countries with which India has entered into a travel bubble pact (namely US, UK, Germany and France) will be allowed. to visit the country. Indian citizens can also travel to these countries with any type of visa. In addition, other foreigners from these countries can also benefit from an Indian visa if they come for business, medical work and jobs.

Under “Unlock 3”, international travel remains prohibited, the only flights operating internationally are those that bring back stranded Indian citizens. But the Center gradually relaxed the restrictions and allowed some foreigners like OICs to enter India. .

The Home Office said Indian missions based in these travel bubble countries will grant visas, but decisions will be based on papers provided by applicants. These travelers will also be exempt from the existing restrictions that other passengers in India have been subjected to at immigration checkpoints. The Home Office has also said it may ease visa and travel restrictions for more categories of foreigners wishing to travel to India.

The ministry said that any Indian with any visa from any of these countries will be allowed to travel to the country, provided, of course, that the destination country does not impose any travel restrictions on Indian citizens. So check before you book a ticket.


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