Obama calls Trump ‘racist, sexist and nativist’ in virtual fundraiser for Biden: report


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Speaking to Pritzker, Obama said: “It’s just stuck to Fox News, Breitbart and Limbaugh and this Conservative echo chamber – and so they’re going to vote… What he’s triggered and what he’s still trying to tap into are fears and resentment anger of people who, in some cases, are going through really tough times and have seen their prospects, or the communities they left, decline. And Trump is trying to exploit that and redirect himself in a nativist, racist, and sexist way.

Former US President Barack Obama participates in a virtual town hall on June 3, during which he spoke about the reinvention of the police following continued police violence following the death of George Floyd. Fondation Obama via Getty Images

“The end point of what we saw in Europe 60 years ago, 70 years ago – what happens when these things break out,” Obama said according to the notes. “We don’t bite this in the bud, bad things can happen. Among the most cited civilized societies.

In a separate conversation for donors with LinkedIn mogul Reid Hoffman, Obama referred to Trump’s attempts to ignite anti-Asian sentiment, particularly his labeling of COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” and the “virus. of kung flu ”.

“It still shocks me and pisses me off,” Obama said, telling the crowd he hoped his seriousness emanated from the screen. “We’ve seen this guy win once… After bragging about physically assaulting women – and that didn’t seem to matter. So enough said. Let’s get to work. ”

The Hoffman event raised $ 5.6 million and the Pritzker event over $ 3 million, the New York Times reported. The Obama team did not deny his comments but did not provide additional comments.


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