NYC mom, six children started flight after child refused to wear mask


A Brooklyn mother and her six children were deported from a JetBlue plane bound for Newark in Orlando after her 2-year-old daughter was not wearing a mask, according to reports.Chaya Bruck, of Midwood, told WNBC that when she boarded the flight with her children on Wednesday, her youngest child, Dina, refused to wear the mask, which led to an argument with a edge about the age of the girl.

“He said, ‘No, she has to cover her nose and her mouth,’ and I said I could try, but then she managed to pull it off,” Bruck told the newspaper.

“A few minutes later, they came to see me and told me I had to get my things together and get off the plane,” Bruck added.

The mother refused to get off the plane as many other passengers came to her defense and told the crew to leave her alone, WNBC reported.

At that point, a flight attendant told everyone to get off the plane and said they would be allowed to get back on board as soon as possible.

Video from the cell phone captured the confrontation with Bruck, who was crying, as other passengers plead his case.

“They were horribly mean, my kids were crying. Really traumatic, ”Bruck said. “I asked them, ‘Shall I tie her hands and feet? What do you want me to do?’ They just wanted me to get off the plane.

Bruck, who ended up stranded in Florida, told the crew she understood that under airline policy her daughter was not required to wear a mask, reported The Yeshiva World.

Chaya Bruck and her six children have been asked to leave a JetBlue flight from Orlando to Newark.
Chaya Bruck and her six children have been asked to leave a JetBlue flight from Orlando to Newark.NBC New York

“Small children who are not able to maintain a face mask are exempt from this requirement,” the JetBlue policy quoted by the Jewish newspaper reads.

According to the company’s travel alerts page, updated Wednesday at 2 p.m., “All travelers 2 years of age and older should wear a face covering their nose and mouth throughout their trip, including when traveling. check-in, embarkation, flight and disembarkation. . ”

In an email to The Post, JetBlue spokesperson Derek Dombrowski said that “in these unprecedented times, our first priority is to ensure the safety of crew members and customers, and we quickly introduced new security policies and procedures throughout the pandemic.

He said the airline’s mask policy had in fact been “most recently updated on August 10 to ensure everyone wears a face mask – adults and children – to help prevent the spread of the disease. coronavirus.

“Children 2 years of age and older must wear a face mask, per CDC guidelines, which state that ‘masks should not be worn by children under 2 years of age,’ he said.

Dombrowski added that travelers receive an email before their flight informing them of the latest security protocols and mask policies.

“Our crew members are ready to assist customers at the airport and on board who may need assistance,” he said. “We have a flexible booking change policy for those who are unable to meet this requirement, and customers who refuse to follow these standards after crew member requests will be screened for further eligibility to travel. on JetBlue. ”

The spokesperson attached a sample of a registration email that he said was sent to Bruck.

“All travelers 2 years of age and over must wear a face covering their nose and mouth both at the airport and on board,” it reads in part.

Meanwhile, Bruck’s husband told The Yeshiva World he would retain the services of a lawyer and take federal legal action against the company.

Bruck did not immediately respond to a message from the Post on Thursday.


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