Novavax’s Covid-19 vaccine shows promising immune response


A Biotech company Novavax’s potential Covid-19 vaccine showed a promising immune response in a small, early trial, but not without a high rate of mostly mild side effects.The results, released on Tuesday, are the latest encouraging sign of the global effort to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus, which has killed nearly 700,000 people worldwide. But the Novavax data, just like the results recently released by Moderna and AstraZeneca, are too preliminary to draw conclusions about the vaccine’s ability to protect against Covid-19, experts said.

“It’s a small number of people in each arm, and the study was not designed to demonstrate efficacy, which are standard warnings for a Phase 1 trial,” said Edward Belongia, epidemiologist and vaccine researcher at the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute in Wisconsin. “That said, it does look very promising – at least as promising if not more than the other vaccines we’ve reviewed.”


The data has been posted to a pre-print server, meaning it has yet to be peer reviewed.


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