Not good: Cardinals would have several more positive tests


In just over a week into the season, Major League Baseball is apparently already suffering from its second squad-level epidemic.We knew the Cardinals had two positive results in testing on Wednesday, and more will be coming this morning. The first reports are ugly:

On a human level, I just hope everyone’s impact is OK in the long run.

As with anything COVID-19, you can cross your fingers as hard as you want, but this damn thing spreads among humans so easily. Once he hits the door of an MLB clubhouse – something you won’t know until a few days later – it’s going to spread. Unless players and staff treat each other aggressively as if they were already infected (and we can see on TV that gamers are not). So while it’s good for MLB and MLBPA and anyone else to remind players to do this or that and be serious and whatever, it was almost certainly already too late for the Cardinals.

What is happening now? Yeah, okay, as anyone outside of MLB can say for sure. If they follow the Marlins’ model, the team will remain in quarantine, where they have been since Thursday night. The players will be tested, tested, tested and the league will try to determine the extent of the gap. All Cardinals games will be postponed for a while, and now there are big questions about the Twins and Indians, who each shared a pitch and / or locker room with the Cardinals within 24 hours of those Wednesday tests.

We’ll update when the news comes in, and we’ll see if MLB is just shutting down individual teams and keeping moving forward, or if that’s the tipping point for the season.

The timing on this – what Anthony Rizzo said when we first heard about the Cardinals:


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