Norwegian Biathlon Association plans to move camp from France to Italy


The Norwegian Biathlon Association (NSSF) is making contingency plans in case a planned training camp in France cannot take place in October, with the change of location to Italy an option.

Norway’s top biathletes are expected to travel to Bessans for altitude training, but national team manager Per-Arne Botnan has said he could be transferred to Lavazè in Italy due to the recent resumption of cases of COVID-19 in France.

Speaking to a Norwegian publication VG, Botnan said, “We will be meeting with the health team now to see if it is possible to have a rally where we apply the same corona rules as here at home. ”

France is a red nation in Norway’s color-coded risk system, with the NSSF now discussing recent changes by authorities that have seen all green countries turn yellow despite no increase in COVID cases -19.

“There is no point in carrying out the stay at altitude if all athletes are to be quarantined on their return,” Botnan added.

“So we might as well just stay home and practice. ”

The potential new plan would see the team fly from Oslo to Munich and then drive to Lavazè, where they could remain isolated.

Sweden’s top cross-country skiers will train in their home countries in the coming months © Getty Images

On a related note, the Swedish cross-country ski team will stay in the country this fall, with a usual trip to France at the end of August being abandoned.

National team manager Anders Byström cited the pandemic as the reason for the change.

“Considering the global situation and the pandemic which continues to grow in many countries, we believe, with the knowledge and experience of the medical team, that we will take our responsibilities and stay in Sweden during the fall” , said Byström.

“The risks of traveling to France or Italy this fall are considered too great in relation to the benefits.

“This applies, for example, to an increased spread of infection, the risk of becoming ill with COVID-19, being in quarantine or situations where we cannot return home as we wish. .

“We have impressive training facilities here at home in Sweden at our contract sites so I’m not worried the training will be negatively affected. ”

The national team will travel to Trollhättan on August 24 to host a camp linked to the roller ski competitions during Alliance Race Action Week on August 27 and 28, then plan to travel to Sollefteå for another camp in September.


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