Northampton tops new list of top 10 weekly Covid-19 rates after huge jump


Northampton recorded the highest rate of new coronavirus infections in England this week, with 260 new cases.The increase means the city’s infection rate now stands at around 115.8 per 100,000 residents – up from 34.7 last week.

The latest infection rate figures for England cover the seven days through August 11.

Northampton topped the list after an outbreak at the Greencore sandwich factory, which supplies Marks & Spencer.

Nearly 292 staff members have tested positive for Covid-19 amid warnings that Northampton could be locked out to curb the surge in cases.

Some communities in the northwest, which have been locked out, have also seen coronavirus rates rise.

Northampton infection rate soars after an outbreak at the Greencore sandwich factory

Oldham came second on the weekly list with the infection rate dropping from 68.7 to 112.2 after 266 new cases were recorded.

Blackburn with Darwen is third with rate dropping from 82.2 to 88.2 out of 132 new cases

However, the rate stabilized at 84.7 in Pendle with 78 new cases.

Northampton is on the brink of a local lockdown

Oldham also saw a rate hike

Kirklees, Manchester, Rochdale, Leicester and Birmingham have also seen significant increases in coronavirus rates.

Birmingham saw its rate drop from 13.8 to 28.1 after 321 new cases were recorded, while Rochdale fell from 36 to 45 with 100 new infections.

Manchester’s infection rate fell from 34.9 to 40.7 amid 225 positive tests, while Kirklees saw the figure drop from 26.6 to 34.3 with 151 new cases.

Birmingham has seen a jump in cases

Rochdale has also seen a significant increase in infections

Leicester, which is still under lockdown, also saw an increase from 55.3 to 68, with 241 new cases.

Northampton now faces a local lockdown like Leicester, ITV reports.

Lucy Wightman, director of public health for Northamptonshire County Council, previously said: “The Borough of Northampton has seen a high number of cases in the past four weeks and residents and employees have been urged to act now. To follow additional measures, to avoid a local lockdown or further government intervention. ”

Here are the places with the highest coronavirus infection rates in England:

  • Northampton 115.8 – against 34.7 with 260 new cases
  • Oldham 112.2 – compared with 68.7 with 266 new cases
  • Blackburn with Darwen 88.2 – vs. 82.2 with 132 new cases
  • Pendle 84.7 with 78 new cases
  • Leicester 68 – against 55.3 with 241 new cases
  • Bradford 57.8 – vs. 55.6 with 312 new cases
  • Rochdale 45.- against 36 with 100 new cases
  • Preston 43.3 with 62 new cases
  • Manchester 40.7 – against 34.9 with 225 new cases
  • Calderdale 37.4 – vs. 38.8 with 79 new cases


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