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In a rare emergency demonstration, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held his third high-level political conference in as many weeks, during which he sounded the alarm over the country’s response to the coronavirus and the forecast typhoon that would hit the country early Thursday.At an expanded ruling Workers’ Party Politburo meeting on Tuesday, Kim lamented the unspecified “flaws” and “loopholes” in the country’s anti-virus campaign and urged that they be corrected quickly, according to the official North Korean Central News. Agency said Wednesday.

Kim also called for extensive preparations to minimize damage from Typhoon Bavi, which comes weeks after torrential rains caused flooding and massive damage to homes and crops, inflicting even more suffering on a ravaged economy. by US sanctions on its nuclear weapons and border closures amid the pandemic. .

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North Korea lifts lockdown in border town after coronavirus threat passes

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Kim set out tasks for the party and public services at all levels, “saying that completely preventing typhoon victims and minimizing crop damage is important work that can never be overlooked, even for a moment,” said paraphrased the leader.

Typhoon Bavi on Wednesday morning was near the South Korean island of Jeju and was about to hit the northwest coast of the Korean peninsula around dawn Thursday morning. South Korea’s meteorological agency said it had a maximum wind speed of 155 kilometers per hour (96 mph) and was predicted to be one of the strongest to hit the peninsula this year.

At another ruling party meeting last week, Kim admitted that the country’s economy had not improved as he had hoped. The Workers’ Party cited “internal and external situations” as harming the country’s economic development, possibly referring to US sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear program, recent flooding and efforts to close the country’s borders and other actions taken during COVID. 19 pandemic.

Kim Jong Un praises North Korea’s COVID response

Kim Jong Un praises North Korea’s COVID response

At last week’s meeting, the ruling party scheduled a rare congress in January to set development goals for the next five years.

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Experts say the coronavirus derailed some of Kim’s main economic goals after North Korea imposed a lockdown that significantly reduced trade with China – its main ally and economic lifeline – and likely hampered its ability to mobilize its workforce.

The North has yet to confirm a single case of COVID-19, but outsiders have widely questioned its virus-free claim. In late July, Kim ordered the lockdown of Kaesong, a town near the border with South Korea after the North reported finding someone with symptoms of COVID-19. He later told the World Health Organization that the person’s test results were inconclusive.

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