North Korea releases new photos of Kim Jong Un as he is in coma


North Korea’s state news agency has released new photos of Kim Jong Un amid reports he has been in a coma for months and is handing over some power to his sister.The photos appear to show a healthy Kim leading a meeting on Tuesday of the Workers’ Party political bureau to call for coronavirus and typhoon prevention efforts, according to the Korea Central News Agency.

They were unionized through The Associated Press, which noted that independent journalists did not have access to the event and that the footage could not be independently verified.

The meeting assessed “some flaws in the state’s emergency anti-epidemic work to verify incursions of the malignant virus,” KCNA said in a statement.

North Korea has not reported any confirmed cases of COVID-19, but Kim said last month that the virus “could be considered to have entered” the country and issued a lockdown after a man developed symptoms . The results of human tests were inconclusive, according to the World Health Organization.

The meeting also discussed the state’s emergency measures aimed at preventing crop damage and victims of Typhoon Bavi, which is expected to invade the country within days.

The economy of North Korea has been hit hard by recent border closures and flood damage.

Speculation has long revolved around Kim’s health – with a former aide claiming this week that the bully fell into a coma months ago from a botched heart surgery and that his subsequent public appearances had already been recorded.

The aide said Kim’s younger sister Kim Yo Jong was ready to help run the country.

Earlier this month, state-approved photos showed Kim arriving in a luxury SUV to visit a North Korean village devastated by flooding.

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