Noah Hawley Star Trek Movie Suspended, Paramount Still Planning ‘Beyond’ Sequel With Chris Hemsworth –


Less than a year after announcing their latest Star Trek project, it looks like Paramount is once again changing course on the future of the film franchise.

Paramount weighing its options for the future of Star Trek

In an exclusive, Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures has “put a hiatus” on the film Star Trek in development, which was to be written and directed by FargoIt’s Noah Hawley. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety also followed, with the same report.

Emma Watts, who was recently brought in from Fox to lead the Paramount film group, is said to be “figuring out the way forward” for the Trek movie franchise. According to the report, Watts is also considering the Quentin Tarantino Trek project (with a script already written by Mark L. Smith), and the Star Trek Beyond follow-up which was to be led by SJ Clarkson before salary negotiations with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth put this project on hold in 2018.

Tarantino Trek linked to the iconic episode of TOS

According to Deadline, the film Hawley Trek would bring a new cast for a story about a deadly virus, a storyline that could now be problematic due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, reports from Variety indicate that Hawley’s film would have brought back Team Kelvin led by Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and Zoe Saldana. And even though Tarantino has stepped down as a potential director, Deadline says the project based on his pitch is “still viable.” The brief description provided for this project seems to relate to the TOS episode “A Piece of the Action”.

Spock and Kirk in TOS episode “A Piece of the Action”

Doing well Trek is a primary “priority”

All business reports agree that Watts is weighing these three options for the future of Star Trek, with Project Hawley being moved to the background. According to Deadline, Paramount would give Star Trek “top priority” with ViacomCBS keen to “make sure they’re doing things right.” The deadline indicates that the Beyond follow-up involving time travel and Kirk’s meeting of Chris Pine with his father played by Chris Hemsworth could now have the “cleanest path.” Perhaps other Trek projects would serve better as ” Logan– as a fallout when the main franchise has been revitalized. “

Chris Hemsworth dance Star Trek the 2009

It’s a developing story, so stay tuned for more updates.

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