Nisa Local store tells customers NOT to wear masks


A Nisa Local store in Derbyshire is telling customers NOT to wear masks or cover their faces – despite laws making it mandatory.Nisa stores are independent outlets operated across the UK, several in Plymouth and dozens more elsewhere in Devon and Cornwall.

While no similar signs have been reported locally, a Nisa shopkeeper has put up a sign asking customers not to cover their faces in stores – though news is requiring them to wear masks to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

It comes just days after Boris Johnson announced that laws making face masks compulsory would be extended and that there will be a police crackdown to enforce the rules.

The sign in the shop window of Danesmoor, near Chesterfield, tells customers that they should not cover their faces in stores for ‘security reasons’, reports DerbyshireLive

However, the store manager, who did not want to be named, told DerbyshireLive that he allows people to wear masks inside.

But he expressed fears that his staff could be threatened with knives during thefts and said he would be powerless to prosecute the shoplifters whose faces were found.

The shopkeeper’s attitude is at odds with a Devon village store which has vowed to tackle the strains caused by face masks – and says it no longer serves customers not wearing proper blankets.

Staff at Prime Minister Bere Alston said they would “vigorously encourage” buyers to abide by the rules regarding mandatory masks in a Facebook post.

He continued: “Due to a complaint and mounting tensions, we will vigorously encourage the facial covers of Premier Bere Alston.

“If you have an underlying medical condition, please let our team know. We must continue to serve our customers in a safe and functional manner.

“Continued refusal to wear blanket, which is mandatory, will result in not being served until appropriate blanket is worn.

“Please let common sense reign as we must continue to be ALERT. “


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