Nikola Wins Historic Order for 2,500 Battery Electric Garbage Trucks


Nikola Corporation has announced a “historic” order for 2 500 Battery operated electric garbage trucks for Republic Services, one of the largest garbage collection companies in the United StatesThe deal is for a minimum of 2,500 vehicles with an option for a maximum of 5,000 in total, which is actually two orders of magnitude beyond anything we’ve seen in the United States so far. . According to the press release, this is the biggest order in the waste industry.

The Nikola Refuse trucks (that’s the name apparently) will be based on the Nikola Tre battery-powered electric truck for Europe (full set including batteries, controls, inverters and electric axle). The brief specifications show that it will be able to take up to 1,200 cans per charge.

Specifications Nikola Refuse:

  • up to 240 km of autonomy
  • up to 720 kWh battery
  • up to 1000 HP of power
  • up to 1200 cans / load

Nikola boss Trevor Milton said sharing the Tre platform would allow Niokola to “Reduce the cost of both programs by using the same parts”.

With 1000 hp, the Nikola Refuse is expected to outperform conventional diesel and natural gas underperformers, as it will be able to climb hills at full load. ” no problem “.

The plan is to « probable » start road tests early 2022 and full production shortly after with deliveries in 2023. Nikola to produce the chassis and bodywork (previously Republic Services was usually required to purchase these things separately). For comparison, production of Nikola Tre trucks will start in 2021.

Nikola CEO Mark Russell said:

“It changes the game. Customers of Refuse trucks have always ordered chassis from OEMs and bodies from other suppliers. Nikola has fully integrated the chassis and body, covering both with a single factory warranty. The trucks will include both automated side loaders and front loaders, all emission free. “

The garbage truck segment is one of the perfect applications for electrification. We will take a close look at Nikola’s project – another promised one, and for that matter one without hydrogen fuel cells.


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