Nicola Sturgeon coronavirus update LIVE as Aberdeen locked out after spike in cases


Aberdeen’s decision “not taken lightly”

Here’s what Nicola Sturgeon said about the decision to reimpose the lockdown on Aberdeen:

“The main link identified in this cluster has been the Hawthorn Bar in downtown Aberdeen, but more detailed analysis by NHS Grampian and Test & Protect has shown that this location alone does not account for all positive cases. Indeed, in total now, more than 20 other accredited establishments are part of the image of contact tracing.

“So when we put all this information together, we were brought to the conclusion that we now need to take further immediate action, in a very careful manner, to prevent any spread and give the Test & Protect teams the best chance for success. these chains of transmission.

“Earlier this morning I chaired a meeting of SGoRR, the Scottish Government’s resilience committee, because I wanted us to look at the latest data that we had overnight, and what our response should be.

“NHS Grampian, Police Scotland, and the leaders and CEO of Aberdeen City Council played a full role in this meeting and I am very grateful for their constructive and helpful contributions.

“But we are at a point in this pandemic where extreme caution is needed and also, in my opinion, sensible. I am also aware of the need to act quickly and decisively if we are to achieve our goal of keeping transmission as close as possible to elimination levels and also to protect our priority – and this is our priority – to bring back young people at school.

“So I can confirm that it was agreed this morning at SGoRR, albeit extremely reluctantly, to reimpose certain restrictions on the Aberdeen City area.


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