Newfoundland fossils are the oldest evidence of animal life in the world, research team confirms


New study confirms Newfoundland and Labrador is home to the oldest animal fossils in the world.An international research team, including geologists from Memorial University, has concluded that fossils found in rock on the South Coast and at Mistaken Point are the oldest evidence of animal life in the world.

The group was able to reveal in greater detail than ever the exact date of the appearance of the animals and their rate of evolution through the identification, cataloging and sampling of volcanic ash associated with the fossils.

Dr Jack Matthews of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, who led the study, said the oldest fossils at Mistaken Point are at least 574 million years old.

This, Matthews says, seals Newfoundland’s position as a major place in the world to study the appearance and rise of animals during the Ediacaran period.


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