New York college suspends dozens of students after weekend party


PLATTSBURGH, NY – A New York State University suspended 43 students Wednesday after a party on Lake Champlain, the latest school to crack down on students for ignoring coronavirus restrictions.SUNY Plattsburgh officials said the students violated campus health and safety policies when they gathered at Sailor’s Beach Closed Park on Friday. Police said the students were failing to get away socially and very few, if any, wore masks.

Suspended students are required to vacate their dormitories and will not be allowed on campus until further notice. They cannot attend classes or visit campus facilities.

The public school near the Canadian border will conduct a separate court process on campus to determine the future status of students.

Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, recently suspended 15 students who attended an off-campus party and failed to follow coronavirus precautions. Last week, Syracuse University suspended 23 students following a large campus rally.


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