New York City Parks to Resume Athletic Field Authorization for Youth Outdoor Sports, Mayor Says


NEW YORK – As New York City continues to see progress in its battle against COVID-19, city parks may resume licensing of its athletic fields for outdoor youth sports, a Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday.Young people at low and moderate risk can resume play on the authorized grounds on Tuesday, September 15.

Permitted sports include baseball, softball, and soccer. Indoor sports, including swimming, are not permitted.

“Our kids have been through so much this year and yearn for more outdoor play,” said de Blasio.

“Fortunately, we continue to see improvement in the fight against this disease and can safely license youth sports this fall. We will continue to monitor our progress and put health and safety first. ”

Youth sports leagues will receive permits for organized outdoor play, officials said.

The following regulations must be applied:

  • Masks must be worn by all coaches, staff, spectators and players on the sidelines; players are encouraged to wear while playing if possible
  • Social distancing should always be practiced by everyone when they are not active in the game
  • Spectators must be limited to two per player
  • Everyone must leave the field after the match, there will be no rally

If a team accumulates three violations, the parks department will revoke the league’s licenses, according to de Blasio.

If NYC’s COVID-19 positivity rate exceeds 3%, licenses will be suspended for all sports, he added.


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