New York bar, restaurant crackdown continues with 41 new violations, 7 suspensions


NEW YORK CITY – The New York Liquor Authority task force released another 41 violations against bars and restaurants on Friday for breaching coronavirus restrictions, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.Seven more establishments – three in Manhattan, three in Queens and one in Staten Island – had their liquor licenses suspended on Friday, according to Cuomo.

Of the 41 violations, 27 took place in Manhattan, five in Queens, two in the Bronx, one in Brooklyn and Staten Island, three in Nassau and two in Suffolk.

“We need the NYPD to step up its efforts and ensure its enforcement,” the governor said.

The state has cracked down on bars and restaurants that violate Cuomo’s plan to phase out plan to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Congestion outside New York City bars and restaurants has been a problem since the weather started to warm up and the number of new coronavirus cases started to decline in May.

Cuomo has warned that bars and restaurants that flout restaurant guidelines, liquor sales rules and social distancing restrictions will be held accountable.

He also repeatedly called on the city and the NYPD to strengthen law enforcement.


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