New XFL Owners ‘Love’ Having Eight Teams, And Eventually Having More Than Eight


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The resurrected XFL will move forward under the leadership of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, his ex-wife and current chief commercial officer Dany Garcia, and Redbird Capital.

Garcia spoke to Daniel Kaplan of regarding the vision for XFL 3.0, if / when the bankruptcy court approves the deal.

For starters, Garcia suggested that the XFL will have eight teams (and possibly more than that eventually) – but that team locations will be reconsidered.

« [W]We like eight teams, ”Garcia said. “We finally love having more than eight teams. I think we’ll be looking at some of the markets properly. There was a lot of great work that was done that was successful. But I think whenever you have time to reset, I think it’s a really, really important time to just re-evaluate.

She’s right. Seattle and St. Louis were doing extremely well. Some of the other markets were not. The way St. Louis embraced an XFL team after the Rams left the NFL suggests that other former NFL cities – like San Diego and Oakland – should be considered for franchises that would be relocated from markets that don’t. did not embrace their teams.

The plan is to keep playing in the spring, but to make it something that sparks interest beyond this window of play.

“Our approach to the XFL sees it as a year-round property with the living part happening in the spring. The rest of the year and even during the season where we obviously have the games going, as we go along there is so much more content and storytelling that needs to happen and should happen, for there to be relevance, ”Garcia said. “And the players mean something to our fans and our audience.”

Given the pandemic, Garcia has not made a commitment that the XFL will return in 2021. She appeared to be hinting at the possibility of a bubble in a city, if the games are played next spring.

If the games are not played next spring, the following spring becomes the focus. Either way, it’s a long-term project that will ultimately be part of the effort to provide fans with live sporting events to watch and, as legalized sports betting continues to spread throughout the world. the country, more things to bet on.


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