New show has become the hottest summer show on Netflix


As September 22 approaches, the end of summer too. And it has been a strange summer for a world grappling with COVID-19, which has closed theaters across the country and forced everyone inside for entertainment.

This massive cultural shift has put a lot of pressure on movies and shows to be successful on streaming platforms. With the absence of box office sales and declining TV ratings, the ability to order a streaming service, especially the world’s most popular streaming service, Netflix

– is really a commodity these days.

That’s why we started to track Netflix numbers. Before the streaming service introduced its “Top 10” feature, we had no way of tracking TV and movie performance on Netflix. But thanks to this new daily feature, we were able to assemble a point system this allows us to keep track of which shows are dominating Netflix and rank them accordingly.

So which shows have been the most popular this summer on Netflix? When I sorted the summer rankings back on August 7th, the list was very different. This time around, there are a few new shows in the mix, including a new # 1.

10. The Legend of Korra – 119 points

What a coincidence! Today, The legend of Korra won fair enough points to pass Avatar: The Last Airbender for position n ° 10 of the Summer Top 10. The legend of Korra is the follow-up series for Avatar—A program that passed a record of 61 consecutive days on the Daily Top 10. The legend of Korra accumulated all his summer points in just 15 days. The show currently ranks third for the month of August.

In the Top 10 2020, The legend of Korra seat in 28th place.

9. Warrior Nun – 137 points

Warrior well has never been able to reach the No. 1 position in the Daily Top 10 (thanks to Unsolved mysteriesdominance). But the comic book adaptation spent eight consecutive days in second place and finished third in July.

In the Top 10 2020, the show occupies the 23rd place.

8. Down to earth with Zac Efron – 145 points

Warrior well only finished in third place thanks to Zac Efron’s travel salon Down to earth. The show spent 20 consecutive days in the Daily Top 10 (including two days in No. 1) and landed No. 2 in the July Monthly Rankings.

In the Top 10 2020 ranking, Down to earth with Zac Efron occupies 22nd place.

7. Cursed – 152 points

Damn may have finished fourth in July’s monthly chart, but the fantasy show added 23 more points in August to get ahead of the two Warrior well and Down to earth with Zac Efron. Damn was one of the few shows on Netflix to spend six consecutive days at No.1 in the Daily Top 10.

In the Top 10 2020, Damn is in 20th place.

6. The Office – 157 points

It’s been a crazy time for Office on Netflix, as the cult TV show performed two major milestones last week on the streaming device. While the show never ended up on a monthly top 10 list, Office has consistently ranked enough times in the Daily Top 10 to take sixth place on this summer list.

In the Top 10 2020, Office is in ninth place.

5. The last dance – 177 points

Despite having spent 29 consecutive days in the daily Top 10, The last dance never reached the # 1 position. Yet the show racked up enough points to finish ahead of three other shows on this list which premiered in July (Nun warrior, down to earth with Zac Efron and Damn) thanks to his performance in August.

In the Top 10 2020, The last dance is in 18th place.

4. The floor is lava – 193 points

In what remains the most surprising hit of the summer, the game show The floor is lava had a record race last June. At the end of this month, The floor is lava became just the third show to reach 12 consecutive days atop the Daily Top 10 (two more shows have made it since).

In the Top 10 2020, The floor is lava occupies 14th place.

3. Unsolved Mysteries – 196 points

Just after The floor is lava became the third show to spend 12 consecutive days at the top of the Daily Top 10, Unsolved mysteries became the fourth. During the month of July, the relaunched police show will appear on the daily list 27 times.

In the Top 10 2020, Unsolved mysteries occupies the 15th place.

2. Shameless – 206 points

For a while, it seemed like no show could stand in the way of Shameless becoming Netflix’s # 1 summer hit. The Showtime program remained in today’s Top 10 for 30 consecutive days, including a five-day jump to # 1. Until there, ShamelessAugust’s impressive performance was good enough to clinch second place on the monthly list.

In the Top 10 2020, Shameless is in 13th place.

1. The Umbrella Academy – 267 points

Well, that was quick! During the first 30 days of the show on Netflix, Umbrella Academy quickly rose to the top of the summer list. Not surprisingly, given that the show became the first scripted show on Netflix to spend 15 consecutive days at # 1 in the Daily Top 10. Oh, and the show just broke Netflix’s monthly total points record. Currently, the show easily ranks No.1 in the August Top 10.

In the Top 10 2020, Umbrella Academy occupies sixth place.


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