New FIFA proposal would give some cap players more flexibility to switch national teams


A new FIFA proposal could give players more leeway to change the national teams they represent if they have fallen out of favor with their current national team, with several caveats.The proposed change would allow a player to switch allegiance provided they meet the following conditions:

  1. They haven’t received more than three caps with their current national team
  2. All three appearances were at age 21 or younger
  3. At least three years have passed since their last cap
  4. None of these appearances were in a FIFA World Cup final or confederation final
  5. They are also eligible for several national teams

The rule change would impact relatively few players, but could theoretically reduce national programs limiting players just to keep them further out of the reach of other national team programs. It will be voted on at the 70th FIFA Congress, which will be held practically next month from Zurich.

Players of any age are already free to change national representation if they have only participated in friendly matches for a national team. As part of the proposed change, players could also take part in World Cup or Confederation qualifying matches, or other official tournaments such as UEFA or the Concacaf Nations League, and still change d national team if they meet the five criteria above.


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