New dinosaur species very relevant to Tyrannosaurus Rex Not so long ago Discovered in England


Residence A new species of dinosaur very similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex recently found in England

Not long ago, a team of archaeologists in England identified a species of theropod dinosaur and the new species is believed to be a close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. The discovery was announced by the group of researchers, who claim to have discovered a meager set of bones.Paleontologists analyzed the four bones from the College of Southampton, which were discovered on the Isle of Wight, found on the main south coast of England. Bones are an aspect of the tail, back, and neck of a new dinosaur, which was named Vectaerovenator inopinatus.

Experts believe the dinosaur could have grown to around 13 toes a very long time throughout its adult existence, and it inhabited Earth throughout the Cretaceous Period, over 115 million years ago. He may be part of the carnivorous group of dinosaurs, which are known to have used their rear toes for walking around rather than working with the four of them.

Throughout their analysis of the 4 bones, the scientists discovered quite a few large air-laden spaces, which led them to conclude that Vectaerovenator inopinatus is an aspect of the theropod group of dinosaurs. These air spaces, called air sacs, are an extension of dinosaur lungs, helping them breathe and resembling the framework of today’s birds.

Scientists have said that their preference on condition that their obtaining is rare depends on whether our historical evidence for the existence of theropod dinosaurs is quite modest. According to them, the first time these bones were sighted was simply because of a relative residing in this area, who decided to donate their findings to their nearby dinosaur museum. All of the fossils can be identified at the Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown on the Isle of White.


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