New border fence between US and Canada illegal, says Blaine immigration lawyer – Reuters


The Blaine Sector of the United States Border Patrol (USBP) is currently overseeing the construction project at the international border between the United States and Canada.

Last Wednesday afternoon, the American close continued west of Ross at Bradner Roads in Abbotsford. In total, it will extend for approximately 3.8 kilometers.

While it doesn’t appear to have anything to do specifically with COVID-19, an immigration attorney for Blaine believes there’s a lot USBP isn’t saying.

“They don’t make it clear why they’re doing this,” lawyer Len Saunders told The Star.

The proposed fence responds to what Acting Chief Patrol Officer Tony Holladay calls binational security concerns related to a “vulnerable section” of the border between Boundary Road in the United States and Zero Avenue in Canada.

The construction project includes the installation of a cable barrier system along this section of the border to prevent vehicles from accidentally or intentionally crossing the border and endangering citizens of both countries.

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“This security cable barrier not only protects people in the United States and Canada, but it also helps secure this part of the border by deterring illegal vehicle entry in both directions,” Holladay said.

“At the local level, in our community, transnational criminal organizations have capitalized on this vulnerable area by smuggling both drugs and people. Improving this specific border area mitigates the threat posed by these dangerous criminal enterprises. ”

Saunders, a resident of Blaine, Washington for 20 years, said he doesn’t think the fence solves security concerns at the Canada-U.S. Border.

“For starters, there is very little car traffic on the US side of the road, so why build a fence?” Saunders asked.

“And how many Canadians want to come to this country [America] now? They can fly if they want to, ”Saunders added.

“People are afraid for their health here. If anyone has to put up a wall, it’s the Canadian government.

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The immigration attorney said the northern border has been unfenced and barrier-free for more than 200 years due to an international border convention between the two countries.

Established after the 1908 Treaty, the signed agreement called for a clear demarcation and maintenance of the border from coast to coast, including keeping your sight out of unapproved structures or barriers.

“This new fence is in direct violation of the Treaty of Ghent, which specifically says that nothing is to be built within 10 feet on either side of this border,” Saunders said.

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