New BMW M3 Touring scheduled for 2022 to compete with Audi RS4 Avant


BMW will expand its line of M performance cars with the very first M3 Touring. The first hot-domain test prototypes will begin road development shortly before a likely launch in 2022.The new M3 Touring will for the first time give BMW a direct rival to the long-standing Audi RS4 Avant. In a statement, the Munich-based firm described the hot version of the 3 Series Touring as a “dream come true” that will add to the “unparalleled model diversity” of its expanded M range.

The M3 Touring will sit alongside the new M3 super-sedan and M4 Coupé, both of which are expected to be unveiled in September, and next year’s M4 convertible.

Autocar reported in 2018 that an M3 Touring was highly regarded by BMW. The company has now confirmed the model shortly before starting development work at its factory in Garching near Munich. Track tests at the Nürburgring Nordschleife are expected to follow.

BMW has yet to reveal many technical details of the M3 domain, but has confirmed that it will use its turbocharged six-cylinder M petrol engine. The M3 Touring is said to share its mechanics and powertrain with the new M3 and M4 sedans, in which the S58 twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline engine is expected to deliver 473 hp and 443 lb-ft in standard form.

BMW said “further speculation on the engine and performance is welcome” and confirmed that the machine will offer the M-Division’s wide axles, large front air intakes and four exhaust pipes.

BMW has yet to release any images of the M3 Touring, although it will likely follow the M3 sedan by adopting a distinctive large grille that borrows heavily from the new 4-Series that divides, rather than adopting similar styling to the Series. 3 Regular touring.

According to BMW, the estate will also offer all the space and capacity of the regular 3 Series Touring. He added that he will meet “the hopes of all those who wish to push to the extreme the M specific interaction of race oriented performance and everyday fitness”.

A release date for the M3 Touring has yet to be confirmed, although BMW has said it is in the early stages of a two-year development process, suggesting an arrival at the end of 2022.

Although BMW never offered an M3 Touring in the M3’s 34-year history, it produced a feasibility study prototype based on the third-generation model in 2000. Although it was driven by a number of reporters, it failed to reach production.

The company also twice offered a Touring version of the larger M5, with the second-generation model between 1992 and 1995 and 2006 to 2010 as part of the fourth-generation lineup.


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