New 100% sunglasses for Peter Sagan at the Tour de France


100% sunglasses sponsor Peter Sagan has released a new limited edition collection for the Tour de France. Keep an eye out for the PS White / Gold Collection goggles on Sagan during the Tour, but 700 pairs will also be available in the brand’s Speedcraft, S3 and S2 models.

The 100% PS White / Gold collection features two-tone mounts, with a gold left handgun and gold accents elsewhere on the mount. It’s a design that is no different from the Oakley Limited Edition Tour de France 2020 eyewear, released last week, which also includes gold accents.

The frame design is complemented by the 100% Soft Gold Mirror lens, which the brand claims is ideal for sunny conditions and 100% UV protection. The Speedcraft and S3 have the very angular look favored by Sagan, while the S2 has a more understated rounded profile.

The sunglasses are designed in California and made in Italy, and feature 100% signature oversized lenses. There’s a hard, scratch-resistant coating and hydrophobic and oleophobic lens treatment to keep water and dirt at bay, plus plenty of ventilation to help stop fogging.

Frames feature a grippy temple nose and grips to prevent them from slipping while you ride.

In addition to the supplied lens, there is a transparent lens option with 93% light transmission for low light driving. All models have interchangeable lenses and sell 100% replacement lenses including photochromatic lenses and its contrast enhancing Hiper lenses.

All three models in the PS White / Gold collection are available on the 100% website and at select retailers, priced at US $ 220.

Sunglasses 100% Peter Sagan White / Gold Collection

  • Models: Speedcraft, S3, S2
  • Lens: Soft gold mirror
  • Filter Category: 3
  • Light transmission: dix%
  • Replacement lens: Clair
  • Filter Category: 0
  • Light transmission: 93%
  • Price: 199,99 £ / 220 $


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