Netflix’s Most Popular Movie This July Isn’t The One You Expect


Another month has come, another month has passed. And July was an unusually controversial month for Netflix’s Top 10, as seven different films would claim the No.1 position throughout the month.

For those who don’t know: Netflix introduced the Top 10 feature at the end of February. With this list, we can see which movies and shows have been the most popular each day.

As Netflix doesn’t release download numbers, the Top 10 has become our only insight into the inner workings of the world’s most popular streaming service. Thus, we have developed our own rating system which allows us to rank movies and shows according to their place in these daily Top 10 lists.

And the July ranking was changing until the very last minute. These ten films have beaten everyone up:

10. The city – 75 points

Ben Affleck The city started the month strong in the Top 10, spending a day in second place and four days in third place. But twelve days after its launch, the crime drama had fallen off the list altogether. Still, the short term was strong enough for the film to finish in the top ten for the month.

9. Patriots’ Day – 79 points

How could the have fallen. Patriots Day was the surprise winner to start the month of July, as the film spent five consecutive days at the No.1 position. But after just nine days, Mark Wahlberg’s film was completely out of the Top 10 as films like The old guard and The Lorax began to dominate.

7. (égalité) The Kissing Booth 2-80 points

It was quick! Thanks to the success of the first Kissing cabin movie, the sequel absolutely commanded the Top 10 for its first eight days on Netflix. The romantic comedy rose to number one every day, achieving a streak that only four other films have matched in Top 10 history: Spenser Confidential, The Wrong Missy, The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Uncut gems. Expect strong results for The kissing booth 2 in August.

7. (tie) Despicable Me – 80 points

Nothing new here. Despicable Me finished third in the April rankings, second in the May rankings and 11th in the July rankings. In 2020, no movie has accumulated more points than Despicable Me, who made a record 90 daily Top 10 appearances.

6. 365 days – 86 points

On June 24, the unthinkable finally happened: 365 days was not in the Top 10. Prior to that day, the Polish erotic drama had spent 45 consecutive days on the list – the second furthest behind Despicable MeThe 49-day sequence. The film started the month strong in third place, but slowly moved up into the Top 10 and eventually fell.

5. Fatal case – 98 points

Fatal affair only spent 13 days in the Top 10. But seven of those days were enjoyed in the top spot – a streak not even The old guard could pull together. After Fatal affair lost first place to Ip Man 4: The Final on July 23, the thriller quickly fell from the Top 10.

4. How do you know – 102 points

Without a doubt, the surprise Netflix movie of the month was the seemingly forgotten romantic comedy of 2010. How do you know. Once the movie premieres on Netflix on July 10, How do you know would appear in the Top 10 for 20 consecutive days. The film never went higher than the # 3 position, but appeared in the top five on 12 different occasions.

3. Desperados – 114 points

Most of July belonged to Desperados. The Netflix comedy only held the top spot for two days, but made enough Top 10 appearances to consistently rank near the top in July. July 20 Desperados fell out of the Top 10 entirely.

2. The Old Guard – 172 points

Not only The old guard has appeared in the Top 10 every day since its debut, and not only The old guard the second most popular movie of July, but The old guard also became the ninth most popular film of the Top 10 era. Charlize Theron’s film had a six-day streak in first place after its premiere, followed by six days in second place.

1. Le Lorax – 186 points

The Loraxthree days ahead of The old guard meant everything, as the animated film would rack up 25 points in that time frame. Not only The Lorax beat every other movie in the month of July, but The Danny DeVito Project has already become the sixth most popular movie on Netflix in 2020.


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